Volleyball Betting Online - How to Bet

Although volleyball cannot be included in the top 3 most popular sports, this discipline has a lot of supporters. Fans of this discipline are attracted by the dynamics and passion on the pitch. Virtual bookmakers could not overlook this fact and now you can bet on volleyball in live or prematch mode on any virtual beech website. Volleyball betting can be really profitable for gamblers. In order to accurately predict volleyball matches at GGbet, you need to have the appropriate knowledge about it.

Volleyball rules

The history of volleyball is quite interesting. The original rules of volleyball were published in 1897, although they were fundamentally different from those we have today. Originally played on a court measuring 7.6 x 15.1 m, with a 198 cm high net in the middle. The main equipment was a small ball, weighing 280 g. Interestingly, there was no limit to the number of touches of the ball or players. The game was played to 21 points, with own serve. It was hardly a serious game, it was more of a home game.

In the middle of the 20th century, some restrictions were introduced: the number of players in one team was 6, the net was raised to a height of 243 cm. There were also restrictions on touching - no more than three touches of the ball in a combination. From now on, points are scored on both your own and someone else's pass. In addition, you can touch the ball with any part of your body. Each team now has a defensive player on its roster. There are also restrictions on touching the grid, traversing lines, etc.

The volleyball match has no time limit and lasts until one of the teams wins three games, for which 25 points are needed. If both teams score 24 points, play continues until one team gains a two-point lead. For example, 26:24.

Even an avid volleyball fan doesn't always understand the intricacies of the game, especially when you consider that the rules may change slightly in some matches. It is worth noting that understanding the rules and the game is the way to an effective betting strategy.

Volleyball betting types: important nuances

The bookmaker GGBet offers players different types of volleyball bets:

  • Score bets.
  • Handicap.
  • Over/Under.

Let's take a closer look at the nuances of volleyball betting.

Outcome bets

In volleyball, the exact score is difficult to predict. When the game is between teams of different levels, the chances of a 3:1 result are too small. Yes, many bookmakers offer betting on both the result of the match and the result of a single set. Experienced players avoid this type of betting in volleyball.


The handicap bet in volleyball consists in betting on the difference in the number of points received between the teams. That is, it is a deliberate advantage or an acceptable deficit of one of the teams. For example: a 1P win with a 7.5 handicap. If the first team wins the set by 8 points or more, the bet wins. Many bookmakers offer handicaps not only for individual games, but also for the entire match.


Betting on under/over volleyball is the most interesting market for betting on this sport. You can bet on the total number of points scored by a given team in the entire match or in a specific set. Before placing a bet, the player must do a thorough analysis: the form of the teams and key players, the work of the block, the average number of points per set, average number of points per game, etc. Bookmakers calculate the sum of match points based on the proposed score and the average score.

Other types of volleyball bets

Betting on the result of the match is not the only solution for lovers of this sport. Other types of bets for this sport are also listed below:

  • match or set - betting on the winner of a given match or the first game;
  • who more - bet on who will get more aces/blocks/points;
  • whether the game will be 4 sets - bet on under/over 3.5 sets;
  • whether the game will be 5 sets - bet on under/over 4.5 sets;
  • event result after 2 sets - the exact result of the match after two games.

Following the events of the selected team and interest in events from the world of volleyball will become the key to accurate betting for gamblers. Before placing a bet, it is also recommended to check what odds and promotions are offered by the bookmaker selected by the player.

How to successfully bet on volleyball

We have already written many times about the fact that you need to know all the rules of the sport and the specifics of betting in order to bet effectively. Let's take a closer look:

  • In volleyball, the role of separate players should not be underestimated. Each team has players who score fifteen points in each game. They decide the outcome of the game. Keep this in mind and check the information about these players before placing a bet.
  • You can safely trust statistics: both individual and team.
  • It's important to stick to pre-match analysis and not to rush into real-time betting. It often happens that at the beginning of the match the favorite loses to his opponent, but at the end of the set he takes the initiative.

Sometimes it's better to bet right before the game starts. However, before you do that, you should check the team lineups and competition schedules. It may happen that a team that was the favorite during the week will lose to the opponent in a minor match, because the reserves will come out on the field. Bookmakers are quick to judge this and odds can change drastically.