Vainglory Betting: What Makes It Different

Vainglory is a multiplayer MOBA that pits two teams of five against each other. The task of the players is to destroy the crystal that is in the opponent's base. In addition, the player must also do everything to protect his own crystal. Vainglory is available on all platforms in a free-to-play model. Vainglory is the debut project of Super Evil Megacorp, founded by former employees of Riot Games, Supercell, Gazillion Entertainment and Rockstar Games. Here is some important information you should know before placing your bets on Vainglory.

Game mechanics

In Vainglory, players find themselves in a classic fantasy land. The action is played in an isometric view. During the game, there are clashes between two five-person teams, whose headquarters are located on opposite ends of the map. The goal of both teams is to destroy the crystal that is in the opposite base. The player can choose from dozens of heroes with different combat skills that develop as you progress. It is not easy to reach the enemy base, because access to the bases is guarded by automated defensive systems that must be destroyed. Before the fight, it's best to prepare well and buy upgrades for heroes, collecting treasures hidden on the map. Players can also try their hand at defeating the Kraken, who appears in the center of the arena at the 15th minute.

Technical issues

Vainglory has a high level of graphics quality and boasts controls tailored to the specifics of each platform. The game is available in a free-to-play model with microtransactions (free-to-play) and is available on PC and mobile devices. The masterpiece of the Super Evil Megacorp studio is probably the best compromise between the extensive gameplay known from stationary MOBA productions and the simplified gameplay on mobile devices.

Vainglory has pretty much everything the MOBA genre needed in a mobile release. Such a game is a great solution for lovers of multiplayer struggles. It is a spectacular and addictive game for Android smartphones and tablets, set in a space scenery. At this point, it should also be added that bets are available on most bookmaker sites and have an extensive offer. In addition, with Vainglory betting, betting enthusiasts can combine their passion for the game with live betting. All that is necessary for this is, above all, basic knowledge of the specifics of the game and a good knowledge of individual techniques.

Basic rules

For bets on Vainglory to be profitable, first of all, you need to be well versed in the rules of the game and pay attention to the statistics of individual players from previous matches. The game is about two teams facing each other, whose primary goal is to destroy the opponents' base. The way to the opposite base with the crystal is defended by special gun turrets that deal massive damage. On the road, players also have to fight with members of the enemy team. However, mobs, i.e. AI-controlled soldiers, appear on the map from time to time. Mobs help in combat, and you can get gold by killing enemy units. It is possible to buy upgrades in the shop, which, combined with gaining experience points, makes the hero stronger and stronger.

Fans of the MOBA genre know what's going on because it's a similar system that League of Legends has. When it comes to mobile devices, only six people participate in the clashes, which are divided into three-person squads. The map is small and players have only one main route to their destination. The duels themselves last about 20 minutes. An additional attraction is the jungle, which is located next to the main path. Thanks to it, we can go to the mine or meet the powerful Kraken, which usually appears at the end of the meeting. Defeating this monster is not easy, but it pays off, because after winning a fight with it, the creature joins the party and can help in victory.