Tennis Betting


How to bet on Tennis at GGBet

Tennis is the most popular sport to bet on at bookmakers after football. Currently, there are many strategies for betting on tennis with bookmakers, especially live, as it is a very dynamic game characterized by rapid changes of events on the court. In football, you often have to wait several dozen minutes for a goal to be scored, while in tennis, the winners of matches are determined much faster.

Betting on tennis is very profitable. However, it is worth learning the basic types of bets on this discipline, the rules of the game and choosing a reliable bookmaker. GGBet will undoubtedly become the best choice if the player intends to bet on tennis online.

The Most Popular Tennis Tournaments

Tennis, a globally revered sport, boasts a collection of prestigious tournaments that serve as the ultimate test of prowess for the world's top players. These events draw massive audiences and generate an incredible atmosphere of suspense and excitement.

Grand Slam Tournaments

The apex of tennis tournaments is the Grand Slam. This term refers to four major events spread throughout the year: the Australian Open, the French Open (Roland Garros), Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open. Not only do these tournaments carry significant prestige, but they also possess the highest ranking points, prize money, and public and media attention.

Australian Open

Held annually in Melbourne, the Australian Open kicks off the Grand Slam season in January. The tournament is known for its high-attendance records and extreme heat. Hard courts at the Australian Open offer a medium-fast playing surface, which attracts a broad array of player types.

French Open

The French Open, or Roland Garros, is the second Grand Slam of the year and the premier clay court tennis championship event in the world. Its slow-playing surface demands exceptional endurance and strategic shot placement from competitors.


Wimbledon, hosted by the All England Club in London, is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and arguably the most prestigious. The classic grass courts of Wimbledon serve up fast-paced, thrilling matches that are a joy to watch.

U.S. Open

The U.S. Open, held in New York City, is the fourth and final Grand Slam event of the year. It is known for its unique night matches and electrifying atmosphere. The hard courts provide a fast-playing surface that caters to aggressive players.

While the Grand Slam tournaments may be the most renowned, numerous other events such as the ATP Tour Masters 1000, the Davis Cup, and the Fed Cup also hold significant stature in the tennis world. Each tournament, with its unique charm, contributes to the rich tapestry of international tennis, showcasing the sport's dynamism and the athletes' unwavering determination and skill.

The advantages of Tennis Betting

The basic advantages of betting on tennis include:

  • Ability to track players' form.
  • A large number of "comebacks" during the meeting.
  • Regularity of competitions.

Analyzing tennis matches is a bit easier than team sports. Keeping track of the physical and mental health of the 11 key players of each football team is very difficult. It is much easier in tennis: just watch a few matches of a given player and you can draw conclusions about his current form.

Some gamblers will of course consider this a disadvantage of the sport, but advanced gamblers will no doubt confirm that this is a very good feature when it comes to betting on tennis. The largest number of phenomenal "comebacks" can be observed in women's tennis. However, there are also miracles in men's tournaments.

Players can bet on tennis anytime, any day of the week. Unlike football, where each championship has several big breaks over two or three weeks, the tennis season has only one break (at the very end of the calendar year), and even then there are 3-4 medium tournaments during those 14 days, so tennis fans will never be bored.

Types of tennis bets

In the following part of the text, we will check what types of tennis bets are offered by the GGBet bookmaker. Here are the tennis bets you can place online on this gambling operator's website:

  • Score bet. This is the bet on which of the two players will win the match. Win usually offers the smallest margin and the highest betting limits, but you are unlikely to find a significant spread of odds here. Statistically, this is the most popular betting option.
  • Handicap. Handicap betting is an attempt to guess the approximate number of sets one player will win over another. Tennis handicaps can be negative or positive. Outsiders have a positive handicap and favorites have a negative handicap. For example, if you are betting on a player with a handicap of -3.5 to win, he must win at least 4 sets in total. With a +3.5 handicap, you need to make sure that the player you're betting on won't lose more than 3 sets in total.
  • Number of sets or games (over/under). This is an option to bet on sets in the over/under mode. Matches are usually played to two winning games. During the most important tennis events, the game is played to three victorious games.
  • The exact score of the match. This is another set rate. The gambler must predict the outcome of the match (in sets). This task is quite difficult, especially if the players' match is played to three sets won.
  • Who will be the winner of the set. This type of stake is quite popular when betting on live tennis. It is worth noting that in this situation, set rates are available only on live games.

The interest in tennis events and following the matches of your favorite player will become for the gambler the key to accurate selection of sports bets. Before placing a bet, it is recommended to check the betting tips and odds.

Live tennis bets

Live tennis betting strategy can be completely different than betting on other sports. It is worth knowing that in the case of live betting, the player can count on high bookmaker odds. When betting on tennis, a live line is often bet on the winner of one particular match. This strategy is suitable for experienced tipsters who know how to evaluate the quality of the game in real time.

Another tip on how to bet on live tennis: it's important to consider a player's mental state in the game, as a technically stronger player can lose a set or even a match by making a mistake on the first serve. Taking a break in tennis (taking the game on the opponent's pass) is very important and it is almost impossible to predict it in advance. Live tennis betting tempts punters with the possibility of knowing the result just a few minutes after placing a bet with the bookmaker, instead of waiting for the match to end.