What is Snooker Betting

Snooker is a type of billiards that nowadays attracts a lot of fans of this sport. It is considered the most difficult of the billiard games, but thanks to the complicated rules and interesting tactical solutions, it has thousands of professional players around the world. Snooker betting is also very popular among gamblers.

Where to start

To start betting on snooker today, you need to know the basics of the sport. Without knowing the basics, the chances of winning are very low. Here are the main rules of this game:

  • At the beginning of the game, 15 red balls are placed on a pyramid-shaped table. Another 6 balls of different colors (yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, black) are placed around the perimeter of the table.
  • There is a white ball on the table, the so-called cue ball. The main difference between snooker and billiards is that here players only have to hit the cue ball, guiding the other balls into the pocket.
  • The snooker player must alternately pocket the red and colored balls, with the "Magnificent Six" remaining on the table at all times - each time a colored ball is pocketed, the colored ball is retrieved and the player scores points.
  • The red ball has the lowest value (1 point), the seven-point black ball is the most expensive.
  • The strikes are delivered until the miss, after which the right to strike passes to the opponent.

A match consists of frames (similar to sets in tennis or halves in soccer). Depending on the tournament, a player must score between 4 ("best of seven") and 18 frames ("best of 35") to win. The ideal score is 147 points. To do this, the snooker player must take turns capturing all the red balls through the black balls, then pocketing the colored balls in order of increasing value.

Types of Snooker bets

Bookmakers don't offer a very wide betting market for this sport, but bettors always have a choice. At the bookmaker GGBet, we can place the following bets on snooker:

  • On the winner. The most common bet in any sport. There is no tie in snooker, so we can choose from 2 options - P1 and P2.
  • Total number of frames in the match. A bet on how the fight will play out. For example, if the match is a "best of 9" match, the player must win 5 frames. In this case, the match will end both 5-0 and 5-4.
  • On the winner of a given frame. Bets for those tipsters who do not want to wait for the end of the match. The duration of the frame varies, but on average it is 30-40 minutes.
  • For maximum score. A bet that one player will perform the so-called "century" - scoring a maximum of 147 points in the frame.
  • Handicap. A bet on how much difference a player will win the match. Useful in games with uneven opponents when the odds of the favorite winning are too small. For example, in the "best of 35" format, you can bet a handicap (-5.5) on Ronnie O'Sullivan against John Higgins. For the bet to be successful, Sullivan would have to give no more than 11 frames to his opponent and win 17 himself.

There are also side bets. The winner of the entire tournament, the sum of points in a given frame, the "century" number, the individual sum of games won, even/odd frames and others.

Snooker Tips

Since snooker is a two-player game, the game's level of unpredictability is high. This is the case in the early stages of smaller tournaments when the favorites have little motivation. When betting on winning a tournament, it is better to choose several players. An analysis of the competition grid will help - it makes no sense to bet on two players from the same part of the grid.

One tactic that can be used in snooker betting is tracking young talent. They get high odds, but not easy to spot. Some newcomers become world snooker stars after winning second tier tournaments where the competition is less. To find a new star, you have to watch them and pay attention to the style and tactics of a snooker player.