Smite Betting Odds at GGBet

This is a multiplayer free-to-play MOBA game produced by Hi-Rez Studios. Smite offers 3D graphics and a 3rd person view. The game also has an original plot, which is based on mythological stories from various corners of the world. Players can choose heroes that are mythical gods. Typically, Smite bets are favored by players who love to play based on strategy. Participants take on the role of gods, immortals or various creatures from ancient mythology. After choosing a character, players join the combat-based gameplay. The basic game mode is a 5 vs 5 match, but other configurations are also possible.

Each character has unique abilities and boasts their own fighting style. In Smite, the goal of the game is to defeat a Titan located in the opposing team's base. Smite consists of Egyptian, Norwegian, Greek, Roman, Hindu, Chinese and Japanese mythology. The game is being developed and the number of characters is systematically expanded. In addition, manufacturers put emphasis on the technological development of their work. The graphics are also updated on a regular basis. Smite is available on the following platforms: PC, Xbox One and PS4. The creators made sure to provide, among others, the Polish language in the case of the computer version.

Game modes

Before you place bets on Smite, you should take a look at the game modes. In each mode, the most important thing is to score as many points or the opponent's base as possible. Players are divided into two teams of three to five players depending on the mode. Both teams start on opposite sides of the map. In the biggest mode (Conquest), players are tasked with destroying a Titan. In order to do so, the player must reach it by destroying the opposing team's towers and Phoenixes along the way. It will also be necessary to confront opponents who are on one of the three lines.

The minions, stylized as Greco-Roman warriors, come out of the base on a rope and attack the opponents' minions and the opponents themselves. Among other games, Smite is distinguished by the third-person view during the game. Smite also has a different way of working turrets. As for Smite's game modes, they are as follows:

  • Practice - a basic tutorial showing what the game is all about. Practice mode can be played in Normal mode on a regular lane with towers and minions. There is also a Jungle mode where you can test items and different heroes.
  • Co-Op - A mode that involves playing other modes. One team is controlled by the computer, and the other team consists of regular players.
  • Normal - Mode featuring Arena (deathmatch), Assault (random character for each, one line), Conquest (basic mode, three lines, jungle), Joust (allows you to play with a friend 1v1), Siege (small map , two lines), Clash (combination of Arena and Conquest) and Match of the Day (rules of the game are different every day).
  • Ranked - Conquest and Joust ranked games.
  • Custom - A mode to create a Conquest game.

The games are organized in the professional arena in Europe, North America, Latin American countries and Oceania. The esports teams participating in Smite tournaments are also from China. The games take place both on desktop computers and on Xbox One.