MMA Betting


How to bet on MMA

MMA is an acronym for "Mixed Martial Arts" which means "mixed martial arts" in English. We can say that MMA is a new sport, shaped in its modern form in the early 90's, which gained professional status in the mid-90's. The name "MMA" was suggested by Rick Blum, who is one of the founders of the sport. In this article, we tell you about the most important things that everyone who places MMA bets online needs to know.

The young sport began to develop at a dizzying pace with the emergence of organizations such as UFC, Pride and Bellator. What is the UFC? The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a sports organization based in Las Vegas, USA. The UFC is currently the most active promoter of mixed martial arts, and UFC tournaments are quite popular with mixed martial arts bettors.

With the development of mixed martial arts, bookmakers began to offer more and more bets on this sport. GGBet is not an exclusion. Below we will check what types of MMA bets can be found on the bookmaker's website.

Types of bets on MMA

Before you start betting on Fame MMA, it's worth checking out the basic types of bets on this sport. The most popular betting types for this sport include:

  • win on points;
  • bet on the outcome of the match;
  • bet for the round;
  • knockout rate;
  • a bet on the end of the match by submission.

Note: A normal fight lasts three rounds of 5 minutes each. However, title bouts (championship bouts) usually last 5 rounds of 5 minutes. This is a key detail when placing total bets in this sport.

It's also worth mentioning the bets on how the fight will end. According to the regulations, there can be several such ways. Early methods of victory are knockout, technical knockout, voluntary submission. All round wins include win/tie by judges decision. Typically, this type of Fame MMA bets are supplemented with whether the judge's decision is split or unanimous. Bookmakers offer this type of bet on title fights or the most anticipated fights of the evening.

What to look for when betting on MMA and UFC

Knowing the nuances of preparing fighters before a fight can help tipsters when placing bets on this sport. Players are observed during training or sparring, and there are constant messages from the fighters' camp. Bookmakers analyze how an athlete prepares for a specific opponent. Based on this data, Fame MMA odds are determined.

When analyzing fighters' training, the level of sparring partners is taken into account. Often a player decides to train with the best players from another discipline (wrestling or judo).

Professional mixed martial arts experts study aspects of training - the distance a fighter will walk to the fight site and the height of the fight place. It doesn't often determine the course of a fight, but sometimes it does. The conditions and altitude of each location affect stamina and determine the rate of physical exhaustion of combatants. Also consider the player's weight.

MMA betting via mobile apps

Having a smartphone, internet access and a mobile application gives players the opportunity to bet on fights anytime and anywhere. Betting companies spend a lot of time developing mobile applications, providing users with all the features and facilities so that they can quickly find and easily place bets on relevant events. GGBet offers players a convenient application that is completely free.

How to place bets using the app:

  • Go to the official website of the bookmaker from your smartphone.
  • On the home page, find the app download icon.
  • Download and install the app.
  • Go to your profile or register or login to your profile.
  • Find the MMA section. Select an event or several events to bet on
  • Place your bet and wait for the result.

No special knowledge or skills are required to use the app. However, it is worth thinking carefully about the amount of the bet. This is one of the key factors for successful betting on this sport.

How to correctly bet on MMA

Betting on mixed martial arts has its own specifics. As in any other sport, it is not worth thinking that the bookmaker made a mistake somewhere and chose the wrong odds. Each course has its justification.

Fight rules

First of all, the player should find out which organization is hosting the fights. Depending on whether he wants to bet on UFC fights or Bellator fights, there will be different rules and other nuances to consider. The most frustrating thing is doing the right analysis, but not taking into account some rule of the organization and losing your bet because of it.

Combat history and current form study

In general, the betting strategy on UFC, Bellator and ONE FC is similar. The exceptions are the standard factors: number of wins, number of fights, wins by knockout, etc. MMA has its pitfalls. For example, fighters can be based on completely different martial arts styles (usually either punchers or wrestlers), which will certainly affect the overall fight.

Correct assessment of players' parameters

In MMA there are several weight classes, accordingly there is something called "weight making", which is an approach to fighting with the appropriate weight for a given category. This is a very important issue. In addition to weight, there are other important indicators, such as height and arm span. For example, a fighter with a punching technique will find it easier to fight an opponent with less arm reach.