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What are live bets ?

Live bets are the ones placed in real time, i.e. on matches that are being played right now. For example, you are watching a tennis match and you realize that one of the players is playing better and can win, and no one had bet on him before the match started. In this case, it is a good opportunity to bet on this player and win a lot of money.

The best live bets can be placed on the GGBet bookmaker's website. This gambling operator offers its users high odds and many event markets for live betting. Below we will take a closer look at this type of betting and check out the basic advantages of live betting.

Is live betting profitable

Live betting offers many benefits to bettors. Here are the most important of them:

  • Get results quickly.
  • Access to more important information.
  • The ability to analyze the meeting in real time.
  • Opportunity to get your stake back.
  • High betting odds;

Modern bookmakers try to attract players by creating additional features. Live betting has not been spared by innovation. An interesting option is the ability to follow what is happening on the pitch online: some use live broadcasts of matches for this purpose, others display everything in infographics. Additional features in live betting are the availability of statistical facts, match history, results, etc.

On the other hand, live betting is also a great risk for gamblers to make wrong decisions. That's why it's worth explaining what live betting is and how to bet online to avoid losing.

Types of live bets

Below we will check what types of bets can be made in live mode:

  • bet 1x2;
  • match result;
  • european handicap;
  • asian handicap;
  • under/over;
  • special bets.

Most live betting is exactly the same as pre-match betting. The distinguishing feature is the special types. For example, in football, you can bet on whether a goal will be scored in the next 10-15 minutes or who will score the next goal.

To place a live score bet, you first need to choose a reputable bookmaker. Legal betting companies offer gamblers many opportunities to bet live. GGBet is currently one of the best bookmakers and provides players with plenty of sports and interesting events to bet on live.

How odds change when betting live

The odds can change for a variety of reasons, including lineup rotations that can change the course of a match. Every little thing can affect the odds, right down to the weather forecast. Live betting enthusiasts can see the odds "jump" depending on the events on the field. So they can choose the right moment to place a live bet.

For example, in the DFB Cup match between Bayern and Heidenheim, the odds for the home team to win were initially 1.08. However, in the 39th minute of the match, the visitors were leading 1-2, and the Bavarians lost a player. The bookmaker decided that with such a result it would be difficult to win, so he raised the odds to 2.12. Bayern won this match, and with it all the players who got favorable odds.

Live Betting Tips

Here are some basic tips you should know before you start live betting:

  • One of the biggest mistakes in online sports betting is focusing only on low odds, i.e. the momentary favorite of the match. However, it is worth remembering that during the game the result may change several times.
  • Very often, gamblers like to bet the current account in the hope that nothing will happen the rest of the time. This is a misconception that can lead to huge losses. In no case is it worth placing bets thinking that the winner is obvious and that nothing will happen in the remaining time.
  • Each sport has its own particularities that must be understood before betting. For example, there are a number of differences between men's and women's tennis. While in men's tennis matches are more or less stable, in women's tennis the fluctuations can be huge: a player can lead 5:0, and in the end lose with a score of 5:7. This also happens in men's tennis, but less frequently. There are many such peculiarities and they must not be overlooked.
  • It is not worth placing live bets on an obvious error in the bookmaker's line. If such a bet plays, the betting company will probably issue a refund.
  • Any sporting event is a dynamic phenomenon, often with an intricate plot where the "expected" result can change many times. Sometimes these changes happen in relatively short intervals, and sometimes they are instantaneous! By betting live, you can both win a lot and lose your entire bankroll very quickly. Therefore, it is worth getting acquainted with the rules of live betting and developing your own betting strategy.

    Live betting with your phone

    The best online bookmakers, including GGBet, offer players convenient live betting apps. Using smartphones or tablets, tipsters can place bets on any sport, wherever they are. Live betting with phone is very similar to betting by using the desktop version. In addition, the mobile version gives players access to live streams of matches.