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Hearthstone is a spin-off of the World of Warcraft card game and has become a hit for those who prefer hanging out in the tavern with their decks rather than slaying monsters. With each expansion, Blizzard offers a new mechanic. Hearthstone is a card game (f2p) based on the Warcraft universe and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The game has been available on the market for 4 years and occupies a leading position among other card games. Hearthstone has a turn-based system where first one player makes a move, then the other, and so on. That's why betting on hearthstone is the right opportunity to get introduced to the world of Hearthstone and be captivated by the perfect atmosphere in the tavern.

Hearthstone dual classes

The battlefield is cartoony and animated, with some board elements being clickable. In addition, each card has its own animation. Hearthstone has several game modes to offer. Basic is training, thanks to which we raise the level of experience of a given profession by unlocking new cards. In the following modes, the player can face live people in a duel. Another game mode is Arena, which is a tournament format where the deck is collected from random packs. There are also dual classes in the game:

  • Witch/Priest;
  • Hunter/Demon Hunter;
  • Priest/Paladin;
  • Mage/Shaman;
  • Warrior/Rogue;
  • Rogue/Mage;
  • Demon Hunter/Witch;
  • Paladin/Warrior;
  • Druid / Hunter;
  • Shaman/Druid.

Useful facts about the game

There are 9 classes in Hearthstone (Priest, Druid, Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Hunter, Shaman, Paladin, Warlock), each with special abilities. Decks are made up of 30 cards, and one card can be repeated up to two times. The one who defeats the opponent with 30 health points wins. Here are the steps in Hearthstone that make hearthstone betting easier:

  • Tutorial. It consists in defeating 6 computer-controlled opponents and familiarizing yourself with the basic mechanics of the game within half an hour.
  • Unlock all classes. After completing the tutorial, you need to unlock all available classes by defeating individual characters. To do this, it is worth using the mage, which will be unlocked after completing the tutorial.
  • Competition standards. There are two standards available in Hearthstone: Classic and Wild. In Classic, you can use cards from the Classic set and the sets from the last 4 expansions. On the other hand, the wild standard, which can be unlocked later, uses all the cards in the game.
  • Tasks. You can collect gold in Hearthstone by completing quests. Every day, the player is given one task that can be discarded or completed. After completing the task, players get gold, which can be used to buy card packs (a set of 5 random cards) or access to arenas.
  • Shop. You can purchase packs from the classic set or packs from the last 4 expansions in the shop.
  • Arenas. This is a specific mode in Hearthstone where each player chooses 30 cards. The game continues until you lose 3 games. The winner is the player who wins 12 games automatically.
  • Tavern brawls. Tavern brawls are available for free for a limited time. The rules of this mode change every week. The winner of the first brawl of the week gets one package, there are no prizes for subsequent wins.
  • Creating and destroying cards. If a player doesn't have a card, they can craft it with Dust (the game's second currency). There are 4 types of cards available to players: Common (White Crystal), Rare (Blue Crystal), Epic (Purple Crystal), and Legendary (Orange Crystal). For destroying each card players get a certain amount of dust. At the beginning of the game, it is worth creating one card (Whistleblower the Great), allowing you to play with all recommended decks selected at random.
  • Unlocks all basic cards for each class. To unlock all the base cards for a certain class, first of all, you need to reach level 10 with that class.

The Most Popular Hearthstone Esport Tournaments

When it comes to digital card games, Hearthstone is a juggernaut with a vibrant Esports scene. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Hearthstone’s competitive scene has seen consistent growth since its inception, with several major tournaments captivating audiences worldwide.

Hearthstone World Championship

The Hearthstone World Championship is the pinnacle of Hearthstone Esports. It's the culmination of a year of competitive play, with the top players from around the globe competing for a substantial prize pool and the title of World Champion. It's the event that every Hearthstone pro aspires to win.

Hearthstone Masters Tour

The Hearthstone Masters Tour is a series of live tournaments held worldwide. In addition to these live events, players can earn spots by performing well in online qualifying events. This format ensures a mix of established pros and up-and-coming talents in each tournament.

Hearthstone Grandmasters

Hearthstone Grandmasters is the premier league for Hearthstone Esports. Each season, 48 of the world's top players compete in regional divisions for a shot at the playoffs and a chance to advance to the World Championship. Its ongoing nature provides fans with regular high-level Hearthstone play.

In conclusion, Hearthstone's Esports scene is rich, diverse, and competitive. The tournaments are thrilling spectacles that showcase the depth and strategic complexity of the game, offering endless entertainment for both players and fans alike.