Handball Betting


How to bet on Handball?

Handball is a relatively young sport. The first "handball" competition (the literal translation of the word "handball" from English) was held at the XI Olympiad in Berlin. Only after that came the World and European Championships. Handball betting has evolved along with the betting business: the sport is becoming more and more popular every year, with bookmakers offering more and more handball betting lines.

Handball is played indoors on a 40x20 meter pitch. Each team consists of 7 players (6 field players and one goalkeeper). The aim of the game is to score as many goals as possible. Handball matches consist of two 30-minute halves with a 15-minute break. The game is played by hand and there are rules limiting the ability of one player to hold the ball for more than three seconds. Understanding all the rules is fundamental to successful betting on this sport.

Types of handball bets

Handball is a team sport and betting on it is traditional for betting lines. GGBet offers players the following types of bets on this sport:

  • For the result. There are three types of bets on the outcome in handball: first team to win (P1), second team to win (P2) and draw (X). Normally the odds for a draw are very high, due to the solid sports performance a draw is unlikely. In a match between two roughly equal teams (equal odds on P1 and P2), the odds for a draw are usually 7.00 or more.
  • To win with a handicap. Quite often in a match, one team is ranked much higher than its opponent before the match. To give equal chances to both sides, bookmakers use handicaps. Handball handicap is a certain number of goals advantage given to the weaker team before the start of the match.
  • Total. It is a high-scoring and energetic sport, with many goals typically scored. Handball Totals bets refer to a certain number of goals scored in a match. A handball match lasts 60 minutes (two halves of 30 minutes) and an average of 50 goals are scored during this time, which is almost one per minute.
  • Both teams to score. This type of bet is similar to the total bet. For example: each team will score 25 goals.
  • On exact goal difference. A difficult type of betting on handball is betting on one team to win with exact goal difference. Most often it is offered with variants with a difference of three goals (win 1-3 goals, win 4-6 goals, etc.).

In addition, there are also many betting combinations in handball. For example, you can bet on either team to win and totals (first team to win + totals over 51.5 goals).

How to successfully bet on handball

Before you start betting on handball at GGBet, it's worth checking the following factors:

  • handball rules;
  • bookmaker betting rules;
  • rules for handball tournaments;
  • favourites, underdogs, outsiders.

This is a standard set of things to understand when betting on any team sport, including handball. Handball is a simple sport at first glance, but it has many different nuances. Not all the intricacies of the game will be immediately clear. As with anything else, success in handball betting comes with the player's experience.

Analytics and statistics

Only about 20 years ago, it was difficult for handball fans to find any qualitative match statistics. It was even worse with analytics: there were few real handball experts. However, the situation has changed with the development of the era of open information. You can find almost any kind of statistics on the internet these days. It can be a single team, a tournament, player statistics, etc. The number of good handball analyzes has also increased.

With the influx of good news comes a deluge of pseudo-analytical articles about sports. Many of them describe their own handball betting strategy: it often happens that the authors - "analysts" do not even know all the rules of the game, and yet they give their advice. So it is worth looking for proven tips before placing a bet on this discipline.