Futsal Betting


How to bet on Futsal matches

Futsal is closely related to football. Many famous football greats started their careers in futsal. Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Pele, and even Messi - they've all come this way. Some of them admit that futsal helped them sharpen their technique and teach them how to make quick decisions during the game.

This sport is often confused with indoor football. However, these disciplines have several fundamental differences. In particular, in futsal the ball is kicked out of contact and bounces are allowed, so it is much closer to regular football than futsal.

Futsal is as exciting as soccer, but not all bookmakers have appreciated the sport's prospects. Futsal bets are only accepted on major tournaments, although futsal is well developed in many countries with strong national championships. GGBet also offers odds on this sport. Below we take a closer look at the types of bets on this sport and explain the important rules of online betting.

Types of futsal bets

Before you start betting on this sport, it's worth checking out the basic types of betting on this sport:

  • Score bet. In futsal, like in football, a draw occurs, with the difference that in this sport it is much rarer.
  • Handicap. These bets are especially useful in major international tournaments where underdog odds often range from 15.00-50.00. In national tournaments, the level of futsal teams is more even.
  • Total. Some tournaments have a lot of goals scored, while others are considered low goals. Also within the same tournament there can be high and low scoring teams.
  • Double score. One of the variants of betting in matches between equal opponents.
  • Even and odd results. These betting markets are similar to playing in a casino, it is better not to bet on them.

On the GGBet website, you can also include additional items, e.g. which team will score first, who will be in the lead for a certain period of time, whether there will be substitutes. More information on this subject can be found on the bookmaker's platform.

Futsal betting features

The main annoyance of the analysis is that it is very difficult to find detailed team stats, much less individual player stats. The game is not very popular, so there are no separate statistics pages. However, all necessary information is available in the public domain, you just need to know how to use search engines (mainly foreign ones).

Sensational results in national futsal championships are very rare, however international national team tournaments often break odds of 6.00 and above. Despite its growing popularity, futsal is an understudied sport with few experts. At the same time, many fans from the countries of southern Europe bet on him, so the odds often reflect an untrue balance of power, but only the preferences of the fans. Therefore, in sports betting, you should often go against the majority opinion and be able to make unconventional decisions.


The goalkeeper in futsal is more important than any other player. It also plays a key role in big football, but goal scoring is not as common as in futsal. Very few teams have a good level goalkeeper, so if the starting goalkeeper is injured, the team's chances of getting a favorable result decrease. Speed of decision making is very important in this sport. It is worth remembering this when placing futsal bets online.

Be sure to check out the reviews of the teams' recent matches. Evaluate their ball skills, combination skills, ability to use long passes in the game and level of play on the second floor. Some players may have a good long-range shot, which will be very helpful in matches against teams with a strong defensive line.

Pay attention to the motivation of futsal teams. Remember that many teams, even in prestigious international tournaments, play on two fronts with the same squad. It is common for teams to sacrifice a separate fixture in a domestic tournament to get in shape for a match in European competition.