Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

CS:GO Betting at GGBet

Here you can find interesting CS GO bets, which can also be placed using the mobile application. All the leaders of the betting market offer numerous tips on esports disciplines. In addition, it is worth noting that Counter Strike is a fascinating game that connects players around the world. A variety of Counter Strike tournaments are held annually, featuring top teams and famous players. Here are the most popular esports tournaments that you can often find in the market:

  • ESL Pro League;
  • StarLadder i-League;
  • Eleague Major;
  • Intel Extreme Masters.

Betting on CS:GO matches is an interesting way to spend your free time. Esports tournaments are a great alternative to traditional sports that can provide many unforgettable experiences. The esports industry is growing rapidly and is characterized by the simplicity of betting. Thanks to this, CS:GO events are often chosen by esports enthusiasts.

Basic information about CS:GO

This is a first-person shooter from Valve Corporation. The action of this game takes place in the first person. There are two game options: it can be single player (single player) or multiplayer mode (multiplayer). Global Offensive is the fourth game in the Counter Strike series. The task of this game is to eliminate the opponent. At the end of each round, players receive a cash prize in virtual currency. These funds can be used to buy better equipment needed in the next game. Both teams receive a prize, but the winners receive a larger amount. Players can also get individual rewards, which are awarded to players for completing a task. Counter Strike Global Offensive also provides penalties for individual players or the entire team.

Tips for Beginners

Players can find CSGO bets on a variety of online casino sites. However, before choosing bets, you should first of all pay attention to the fact that betting on esports is different from betting on traditional sports. CS:GO enthusiasts can also read opinions from experienced players and follow expert opinions and watch live streams. It is also worth paying attention to the list of available bonuses. A thorough analysis of betting tips allows you to choose the best event. Here are some tips for new Counter Strike players:

  • A thorough analysis of the team's previous performance is essential to building a strategy.
  • It's worth checking the rank of the meeting.
  • Skill budget management is essential.
  • Remember to play responsibly.
  • Watch live streams and expand your betting knowledge.

How to start betting on Counter Strike

At the beginning, you should analyze the offer of available bookmakers and choose a specific type of game and coupon. However, it is worth knowing the decisive factors that can help in the final choice. Most often, players are offered bets with high odds. However, despite the odds, you should also pay attention to the statistics. It is also worth considering the specifics of the season, as the form of players can vary depending on the season. Another factor to consider is the type of map. Here are the most popular Counter Strike maps:

  • Dust II;
  • Train;
  • Mirage;
  • Inferno;
  • nuke;
  • Cobblestone;
  • Overpass;
  • Vertigo.

Types of CS:GO bets

Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of the most popular esports games on the betting market. CS GO focuses primarily on multiplayer. The game is played by two teams consisting of several players. There are two categories of players in the game: terrorists and counter-terrorists. The first category of players is tasked with protecting the bombsite, but the second team must capture the site and plant a bomb there. The esports tournaments available for betting on the GGBet casino website are played in Bomb/Defuse mode. The game is very dynamic and each round has a time limit. Here are the most popular types of bets that Counter Strike fans can take advantage of:

  • match result;
  • sum of maps;
  • handicap score;
  • number of frags of a given player;
  • exact result;
  • whether there will be overtime on the map;
  • number of kills;
  • winner of each round;
  • betting on whether the team will win both pistols.

How to increase your chances of winning

The correct prediction of the results of an e-sports tournament is primarily basic knowledge, which is combined with a thorough market analysis. It is also worth checking the amount of odds and remember that the higher the odds, the greater the chance of winning. The GGBet online casino also offers bonuses that can be used for CS GO betting. Professional players, among others, also claim that it is worth building your own game strategy that will be helpful when betting on CS:GO tournaments.