How to bet on Baseball

Baseball is a team sport with a baseball and a bat. Each team consists of 9 players (sometimes 10). The game lasts nine innings, meaning both teams attack and defend nine times. Despite the fact that baseball is not a very popular sport in Poland, many bookmakers, including GGBet, accept bets on baseball. For those players who are new to the sport and want to try their luck when betting with a bookmaker, we explain the main features and nuances of this sport.

Basic Baseball Rules

Teams switch sides after three players from the attacking team are removed from the game. The team with the most points by the end of the ninth inning wins. There is no fixed time in baseball. Each single attack can last quite a long time or only a few minutes, depending on how quickly the team succeeds in it.

Before you start betting on this sport at GGBet, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Campaign baseball is mostly held in the summer when most other team sports are on hiatus.
  • High odds can be found not only on the champion underdogs, but also on the leaderboards, due to the stability of the baseball leagues. In the US and Canada (MLB) leagues, the number of wins and losses is in the range of 60/40.
  • There are no ties in baseball, which allows players to more easily predict one team's win.

As with any sport, in order to profit from sports betting, the gambler must have the necessary knowledge (although even this is not a guarantee of success). Baseball is no exception, on the contrary: it is considered a specific sport where you need to know the ins and outs in order not to miss a win while betting.

Baseball betting tips

The basic types of baseball bets are:

  • baseball betting on either team to win in a game or individual innings;
  • different types of totals bets: totals, individual, game or innings;
  • scoring handicaps.

In the bookmaker's pre-match schedule, bets on the score, handicaps and totals in baseball are given not only for the game or the first inning. The period of the first five innings is distinguished separately. It is considered crucial - a baseball handicap betting strategy can only be used in a given segment of the game. Importantly, betting on baseball can be very profitable in live mode. All matches are played with numerous breaks, preparations for playing on the pitch, time-outs.

We've only covered the basic baseball betting types that all bookmakers accept. With the popularization of baseball, some bookmakers also offer special bets to players: who will score the first or last run in an inning, will there be an extra-inning, who will score the first run and win the game, will there be a home run, etc.

Pre-match analysis

The main factors affecting performance in this sport are listed below:

  • Putter form. The stronger the pitcher in the team, the better its chances of winning. The best player in this position is most often released in the first inning. Five innings is the standard "must-have" for all-star pitchers in MLB.
  • A series of victories and defeats. Consider the current form of both teams. It's not uncommon in baseball to have a long winning or losing streak.
  • Features of the stadium. The main differences are the size of the objects as well as the wind conditions. Teams such as the Boston Red Sox, Colorado, New York Mets, and New York Yankees have home stadiums that are considered the windiest, while the San Francisco Giants, Seattle Mariners, and Tampa Bay Rays have windless stadiums.
  • Weather conditions. Wind strength, humidity, probability of rain, etc.
  • are important here
  • Team Factors - Tournament Motivation, No Injured Players, Coach Change, etc.

It is worth mentioning that any betting systems are only effective if the player analyzes matches competently, applies financial strategy and has a lot of luck during the game. For betting on baseball, the most detailed MLB statistics. So it is worth studying them and testing your skills before playing for real money.