American Football Betting


American Football Betting: Rules and Types of Bets

Few people know that American football is almost the most popular sport overseas. The National League Finals, also known as the Super Bowl, break viewership records time after time. You can make good money in this sport. This also applies to countries outside the USA and Canada, where betting on American football is very popular. Currently, this sport can be bet on Polish bookmakers. GGBet offers players different types of American football bets. We will explain more about this below.

American football bet types

American football fans have the following betting options at their disposal:

  • Betting on the outcome of the match. The tipster has to choose how the match will end. In American football, regular time and overtime bets are accepted - a separate sector with a spread is created for the former.
  • Handicap. Players must guess the margin by which a team will win (if the bet was placed on the favourite) or not lose to the opponent - in the case of underdogs. Handicap can be positive or negative, in rare cases bookmakers offer players a zero handicap.
  • Total. This is a game to determine the number of shares won. A common bet on totals is the stake in the match, in individual quarters or halves. In the same time frames, you can bet on the sum of points scored by two teams or individually - here the points from a specific team are taken into account.
  • Additional events. With some bookmakers, you can find bets on the exact number of touchdowns, individual scores of players, wins in individual quarters, highest score in a given quarter or half, etc.
  • Special bets. Long-term bets, e.g. Super Bowl or other league winner, MVP of the season.

American football bets at GGBet can be placed in two modes. Live bets are placed in real time. Prematch bets must be placed before the start of the match.

Successful betting strategies

The sport is too specific and unpredictable, so most players have to settle for general, universal tactics that apply to all disciplines of the game. Let's take a look at some of the most successful strategies for American football.

Miller's mathematical calculations

It is a controversial strategy, but it is based on real statistics and has a good effectiveness of around 60-65%. Its essence is as follows: the player must calculate the approximate result of the match, taking into account the statistical indicators of the last 5 meetings of each team.

It is worth paying attention to how many points the team scored in previous matches. For example, 40, 36, 20, 33 and 30. Plot the highest and lowest number, which is 40 and 20, and add the remaining numbers together and divide by 3. You get 99:3 = 33. Based on the result, you can place bets on Totals, Handicap or one team wins.

Delayed favorite

This strategy is very simple. Just select a live match between the favorite and the underdog. Keep an eye on the situation and if the favorite starts to lose by 7 or 14 points, bet on their win or positive handicap. You should also analyze the match before it starts and understand if the chances of a strong team to win are really high and confirmed by bookmakers' odds.

We recommend using this strategy only in combination with the financial model of the game - flat or with a fixed percentage of the pot for the face value of the bet. This will help players to stabilize their own profits and keep track of their betting winnings. If the returns on bets are high, the strategy will yield a measurable profit. Important: watch live the match you want to bet on so you can understand how the teams play and the odds of the favorite winning.